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    Liver-on-a-chip and mathematical modeling for drug metabolism studies

    Can organ on a chip systems be adopted for ADME and quantitative drug metabolism studies? This is a recent paper from Docci et al. from the University of Basel that use the liver on a chip from Cn-bio to estimate pharmacokinetic parameters and drug metabolism of cultured primary hepatocytes...

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    Multi-organ model of thyroid-liver axis to study endocrine disruption

    A beautiful thyroid-liver axis model of endocrine disruption studying the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-dependent triiodothyronine (T3) secretion in a dynamic multi-organ chip. This is a joint publication between Bayer and TissUse with a beautiful characterization of the 3D liver and thyroid models. ResultsThe authors used different concentrations of TSH to...

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    Liver pancreas crosstalk in organ on a chip to study type 2 Diabetes

    A beautiful paper from Jianhua Qin’s lab from the Chinese Academy of Sciences modelling Liver–pancreatic Islet Axis. They used a multi-organoid organ on a chip system to study glucose regulation in physiological and pathological conditions. After culturing the hiPSCs in “micro-wells” and creating embryonic bodies, the authors differentiated them...

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    Intestine-liver interaction affects hepatocyte function in multi-organ chip

    Everyone can pipette conditioned media of an intestinal cell culture into a hepatocyte model to study intestine–liver interaction. But what if you could use the same cell models and not only to make this process automatic (save money), but also to control the cross-talk (more flexibility)? Enjoy this paper...

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    Oxygen monitoring in a liver on a chip to study effect of drugs and nutrients

    A nice collaborative paper from Stelzle, Gebhardt and Mayr labs in U. of Tübingen, Leipzig University and TU Graz monitoring oxygen and liver tissue metabolism in a well-plate format organ on a chip system. They used oxygen patches and optical fibers to monitor oxygen levels in the medium around...

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    Hepatic cord like structure in a liver on a chip using HepaRG cell line

    A recent paper from Le Pioufle lab at CNRS France modelling the microstructure of the hepatic cord within the liver by confining hepatocytes in tiny hepatic-cord like chambers in a liver on a chip system. These chambers are in contact with another channel containing various media through tiny slits...

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    Adipose-liver on a chip model of NAFLD

    A recently published paper from Hesperos Inc./Hickman lab at University of Central Florida co-culturing human hepatocytes and adipocytes representing white adipose tissue. In this multi-organ on a chip different serum-free media formulations were used to represent different human metabolic states. Results The system made the crosstalk between liver-on-a-chip and...

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    High throughput Organ on a chip plate

    A new paper from DRAPER, not a lot of manuscripts get accepted only after 2 months like this one! This organ on a chip platform may be less known, but definitely has features that catch eyes: Positive points+ A higher throughput platform with 96 chips in one plate+ Double...

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