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Organ on a chip MasterClass

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Organ on a chip Digital Platform

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AZAR Innovations has designed a digital platform to help scientist all over the world to explore, design or run their organ on a chip assays more efficiently, saving more time and money.

TARGET GROUP: Biomedical scientists from academia and industry who wish to get started or gain more experience with organ on chips.



Organ on a chip MasterClass modules, lectures, e-learning

1. Interactive lectures (9 lectures, 1 hour total)

    • What is Organ on a chip?
    • Why would you use organ on a chip?
    • How to identify the closest organ chip to your application
    • Advantages and disadvantages of different chips.
    • How to prepare organ chips?
    • How to extract information from the chips (read-outs)?
    • Go through a few examples.


2. E-protocols:

    • to seed cells, and
    • to connect pumps to organ chips and run them


3. Assay design tools:

    • Shear stress calculator
    • Design canvasses to help you design a right model
    • Useful links to help you choose a right model


4. Personal assistance:

    • 1 hour per month digital meetings



Hossein eslami amirabadi, organ on a chip, microfluidics, microphysiological system, education and training, tissue chipDr. Hossein Eslami Amirabadi is a bioengineer with more than 10 years of experience developing organ on a chip systems for and with biologists. He is an instructor to biomedical scientists since 2015 in academia and industry. He has helped scientists to develop:

and more!

emre dilmen, organ on a chip, microfluidics, microphysiological system, education and training, tissue chipEmre Dilmen, MSc is a biologist with a passion for engineering solutions, with more than 5 years of experience working with organoids and developing organ on a chip systems with engineers. He has worked on:

    • Kidney organoids and tubuloids
    • Intestinal transport on a chip
    • Kidney tubuloids on chip




Want to attend an in-person training? Take a look at our Organ on a chip MasterClasses here, orĀ fill in this form to know about upcoming Organ on a chip MasterClasses.

Any questions? Feel free to send us an email via [email protected].

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