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    Need help with organ on a chip? We offer organ on a chip consulting, from single meetings to full projects, to help scientists explore, choose and use these complex models more efficiently.

    We support biologists with:

    • choosing the right technology for their application (fit for prupose),
    • operating organ on chips in the lab with hands-on support,
    • consulting in projects,
    • consulting in R&D, and
    • technology transfer and commercialization.

    We help tech companies with:

    • finding the best niche for their products,
    • choosing the best strategy to enter the market, and
    • connecting them to stakeholders and end-users.

    We support funding agencies and investment ventures with:

    • assessing project proposals,
    • evaluating funding in companies, and
    • evaluating unique selling points of organ on a chip companies.


    Hossein Eslami amirabadi, azar innovations, consulting, research and development, training, workshop, course, hands-on, organ on a chip, microphysiological systems, tissue chipsHi,

    This is Hossein! I have more than 10 years of experience in organ on a chip. I am trained as a mechanical engineer, and I am an organ on a chip enthusiast. But I am most passionate about guiding biologists to the right technology. Many new systems have been developed in the past 10-15 years, this makes it confusing for everyone to have a clear mind in the field. I have chosen not to be biased towards a specific technology. I have developed a database of organ on a chip systems and their applications to simplify things. And I am continuously in contact with end-users to understand their needs and requirements in the field.

    I partner up with other consultants, if necessary, to help my clients with the items you see above, and more. I am always excited to meet new people and brainstorm about their ideas, so feel free to contact me, no expectation!

    “Our company faced the challenge of evaluating the participation/investment in a young company from the Organ on Chip model. We approached Hossein and AZAR Innovations respectively for the assessment and analysis of the product. In several dialogues with the company and their customers, AZAR Innovations analyzed the key features of the product solutions and their market. The preparation of the results was very important for us. On the one hand, a team of specialists from the pharmaceutical segment was able to follow the statements, but there was also a meaningful "translation" for the business management department, so that the product and the results as well as challenges were understood here as well. We absolutely had apositive experience with AZAR Innovations, we are sticking to the cooperation and want to deepen it further.” Jochen Wezel, Volvox Verwaltung GmbH