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Organ on a chip MasterClass

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Organ on a chip MasterClass Turkey 2024

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ODTÜ MEMS, Eindhoven University of Technology and AZAR Innovations jointly organise two Organ on a chip MasterClasses in Turkey, one designed for biologists and one for bioengineers.

TARGET GROUP: Biomedical scientists from academia and industry from around the world who wish to get started or gain more experience with organ on chips.

Date MasterClass for biologists: 9-10 July 2024
Date MasterClass for bioengineers: 11-12 July 2024

Location: ODTÜ MEMS, Ankara, Turkey

GOAL: Help scientists adopt, develop or use organ on a chip assays more efficiently.

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This MasterClass consists of:

Organ on a chip MasterClass modules, lectures, e-learning, hands-on training, design your system, expert speakers, commercial demos


1. VitroGo: interactive digital contents

Organ on a chip MasterClass modules, lectures, e-learning

    • What is Organ on a chip?
    • Why would you use organ on a chip?
    • What components does an organ on a chip system have?
    • What design types can you find?
    • How do you choose the closest organ on a chip system to your application?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of every design type.
    • How chips are made?
    • Preparing organ chips for cell culture.
    • Different flow systems, how to choose and run them.
    • Methods to extract data from organ on a chip system.
    • Resources to choose commercial organ on a chip systems
    • Go through a few examples.



2. Learn & Design

Organ on a chip MasterClass modules, lectures

    • Step by step interactive lectures to design an organ on a chip assay
    • Use available tools on VitroGo to
      • Define context of use
      • Get inspired by available designs
      • Compere different designs
      • Design an organ on a chip assay






Organ on a chip MasterClass modules, hands-on training

3. Hands-on lab training

    • Work with 3 different chip types
    • Work with 5 different flow systems (pumps)
    • Connect pumps to organ chips and other components
    • Learn about different protocols
    • Simulate cell seeding with microparticles
    • Use microscopy to observe organ chips




4.Organ on a chip ChallengeOrgan on a chip MasterClass modules, design your system

    • Design your idea following the previous sessions
    • Use our methodical canvasses to identify system requirements
    • Use our design tools to design your own system
    • Get inspired by our database of published articles
    • Receive supervision from our trainers
    • Present your design to experts and receive feedback





5. Expert viewsOrgan on a chip MasterClass modules, expert speakers

    • Discover applications of organ on chips with experts
    • Interact with the experts
    • Get inspired for your own system design


Expert to be announced!





Hossein eslami amirabadi, organ on a chip, microfluidics, microphysiological system, education and training, tissue chipDr. Hossein Eslami Amirabadi is a bioengineer with more than 10 years of experience developing organ on a chip systems for and with biologists. He is an instructor to biomedical scientists since 2015 in academia and industry. He has helped scientists to develop:

and more!

Dr. Oscar Stassen


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