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We want to be part of a future where “Human” is the main focus of in vitro models of the human.


We are committed to support, connect and innovate in organ on chips to enhance the adoption of the technology in the life sciences.


My name is Hossein Eslami Amirabadi, founder of AZAR Innovations, a company that focuses on helping people in different disciplines communicate better towards a common goal!

In AZAR Innovations, I follow a problem-driven approach: Biology Driven Engineering. I pay attention to the ideas and problems in the life sciences. I don’t offer a fixed technology; instead, I find the right technology for the end-users or help biologists and technologists to develop the right solutions.

I envision a future where organ on a chips are

  • Used beyond validation,
  • Designed to the needs of end users,
  • Adopted by many researchers than a few, and
  • Offered in catalogues with multiple options for every application.

I have named it after my mom, Azar, who was always passionate about helping people.

It’s simpler than you think!

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