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Organ on a chip

for everybody!

Want to start with organ on a chip?

Organ on a chip R&D Support

Step by step, we choose, make and deliver an organ on a chip system that fits your purpose TOGETHER, and more importantly support you to operate it in your lab. We do NOT reinvent the wheel, and provide you with the fastest R&D solutions.

Courses and Trainings

Meticulously designed courses and trainings for biologists and non-technical end-users to choose, set up and operate organ on a chip systems. We organise regular organ on a chip MasterClasses as well as custom-designed workshops to your needs.

Organ on a chip consulting

Need help with organ on a chip? We offer organ on a chip consulting, from single meetings to full projects, to make the use of non-animal methods more efficient.

Strong Network

With more than 8 years of experience in the field of organ on a chip and microfluidics, we benefit from a large network of bioengineers, life scientists and technology providers.

No Fixed Technology

NOT biased in the technology and have a fit for purpose approach. We also do NOT re-invent the wheel, rather use established models and fit them to the application.

Problem-Driven Approach

We start with the biological problem and try to listen to biologists; it is only then that we, together, look for the technology that suits the end application.


"Hossein is a great professional to work with, an excellent engineer who owns the unique combination of technological knowledge and affinity for the biology and biological applications. He is very creative and solution minded, likes to teach, and is also a very nice and loyal person to work with."

Dr. Evita van de Steeg

Dr. Evita van de Steeg

Senior scientist at TNO

Our company faced the challenge of evaluating the participation/investment in a young company from the Organ on Chip model. We approached Hossein and AZAR Innovations respectively for the assessment and analysis of the product. In several dialogues with the company and their customers, AZAR Innovations analyzed the key features of the product solutions and their market. The preparation of the results was very important for us. On the one hand, a team of specialists from the pharmaceutical segment was able to follow the statements, but there was also a meaningful "translation" for the business management department, so that the product and the results as well as challenges were understood here as well. We absolutely had a positive experience with AZAR Innovations, we are sticking to the cooperation and want to deepen it further.

Jochen Wezel

Jochen Wezel

Volvox Verwaltung GmbH