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    Organ on a chip MasterClass

    A great opportunity where biologists and non-technical scientists learn how to choose, set up and work with organs on chips.


    Carefully tailored practical lectures:

    • explaining essential principles,

    • showing useful examples, and

    • giving handy troubleshooting tips

    to choose, set up and operate organ on a chip systems. The lectures include

    • simple theories,

    • a library of different organ on a chip components, and

    • tips and tricks to run these systems.

    Hands on lab sessions

    Meticulously designed lab sessions to train scientists with the latest

    • chip and perfusion technologies,

    • troubleshooting methods, and

    • protocols for efficient experiemnts.

    Participants will have the chance to set up and operate different organ on a chip systems and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different systems in practice.

    Expert views

    Renowned scientists with diverse backgrounds to help the participants with latest developments and usage of organs on chips across academia and the industry.

    This is not a conference, it is rather an opportunity to learn about the practical side of the organ on a chip.

    Hands on commercial lab session

    A unique chance to work with commercial organ on a chip products in the lab that

    • increases the awareness of the users, and

    • enables them to choose the right technology for their application.

    There is enough room and time to discuss what is possible with the available company representatives.

    Hear from the participants

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    Organ on a chip MasterClass by AZAR Innovations
    Average rating:  
     1 reviews
     by Marta G. Valverde
    Amazing masterclass!

    Azar has put together a phenomenal masterclass, definitely a must for getting started on the OAC field or even organising your knowledge. The main highlight for me is how practical it was, not only during the hands-on sessions, but also during Hossein's lectures. The structure of the course allows for a lot of interaction with the participants, so it is very easy to share ideas, tips and tricks and good laughs.