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    Organ on a chip MasterClass - Lectures and hands-on training

    Target audience: Academic or industrial biomedical scientists who:

    • wish to explore opportunities that organs on chips offer, or
    • get started with organs on chips, or
    • gain more experience with different organ on a chip models. 


    Engaging sessions with presentations, quizzes and group assignments about:Organ on a chip, microphysiological systems, masterclass, azar innovations, workshop, training, hands on, lab session, expert view

    1. Introduction:
      • What is organ on a chip? Why would I use organ on a chip?
        Which organ on a chip system is closest to my application?
        What do I need to know before selecting a system?
        What components are there?
        What commercial systems are there? How can I evaluate their reliability?
        What materials are the chips made of? Which one is the best for me?
    2. Preparation:
      • How do I prepare an organ on a chip system?
        What methods do I need to learn? Sterilizing, surface treatment, cell seeding?
        How do I inject cells into the chips? What tips and tricks do I need to learn?
    3. Experiment: 
      • Do I need perfusion? What methods are there?
        Which one fits my application the best?
        What flow do my cells need? What important parameters are there?
        How do I incubate the system with the perfusion system?
        How do I keep the system sterile?
        How do I monitor cell viability? How do I sample or refresh the medium?
    4. Extract data: 
      • How do I fix my samples?
        Can I image the cells on chip or do I have to retrieve them from chips? What methods can I use?
        How do I stain cells?

    Hands-on lab sessions

    1. Preparation:organ on a chip masterclass hands on training, perfusion systems and microfluidic chips, workshop
      • Work with different types of chips, learn how to:
              sterilize and work sterile with chips, and
              seed cells (for simpler logistics, we use no cells but colored demi water)
        Connect different types of perfusion systems to chips, calculate the required flow for the cells and run the system.
        Learn tips and tricks of preparing an organ on a chip system.
    2. Experiment:
      • Simulate operating the whole system in an incubator and a biosafety hood.
        Take samples and refresh
        Learn how to monitor cell viability under a microscope
    3. Extract data:
      • Disconnect the chip
        Simulate fixing the cells or the tissues and/or retrieving them from the system
        Learn imagining method in the chip

    Expert views

    Listen to the experts that have worked with organs on chips:organ on a chip masterclass, workshop, course or training, azar innovations, microfluidics, expert view, lecture, microphysiological system, tissue chip

    •    How they have experienced of using organs on chips,
         Learn their journey, challenges, and successes, and
         Find out what they recommend to those who are new to the field.

    Commercial hands-on sessions

    Find out more about commercial products:Commercial organ on a chip products, masterclass, workshop, training, course, azar innovations

    •    See scientific data produced by the invited companies,
         Discover their products, and
         Work with them.

    Organ on a chip Challenge

    1. organ-on-a-chip MasterClass, Course, training, microphysiological systems, hands-on, lab, course, workshop, principles, theory, lab training, chips, case studyDesign an Organ on a chip assay:
      • In a group, you will develop an organ on a chip system for an application of your choice.
        You will be given design canvasses and receive instructions by experts at AZAR Innovations.
        Using available technologies, academic or commercial, you will design an organ on a chip assay, from the start to the end of the experiment.
        Understand important aspects in every step of the way by designing an organ-on-a-chip assay.

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    Organ on a chip MasterClass by AZAR Innovations
    Average rating:  
     15 reviews
     by Oscar

    This was an amazing experience - couldn't reccomend enough. As someone still getting to grips with organ-on-a-chip, I left the class with both a lot more confidence and also a lot of ideas for my own work! Hossein and Emre did an amazing job in delivering a well-structured, comprehensive masterclass.

     by Shrikant

    Amazing experience, really makes you think about the OOC
    The people are very supportive and you can ask lot many
    Questions and they won't hesitate.

     by Joris
    Perfect for designing your own chip

    Hossein and Emre did a fantastic job in showing how to produce your very own microfluidic system.
    The workshop shows you what is already available and how to design your very own chip.
    In addition there is hands on experience which shows you how to work with these models and what difficulties you may encounter in your research.

    The workshop was highly informative, in depth and incredibly fun.
    Cannot recommend this enough if you want to learn about microfluidic systems.

     by Su

    Really nice workshop. Informative talks and lots of hand on practices. I would highly recommend this training for all PhD and master students.

     by Kevin Gillois
    Inspiring Masterclass

    The intestine & intestine-microbiome organ on a chip masterclass was greatly helpful for beginners but also more experienced people in the field. Lectures were dynamic and providing all essential knowledge to work with this technology and the hands-on sessions allowed to practice with advices of experts. I highly recommend Azar innovations Masterclass for the quality of their expertise but also the kindness and generosity of the hosts.

     by Narina Bileckaja
    A well-thought-out interactive course

    The intestine & intestine-microbiome organ on a chip masterclass had a nice balance between lectures and hands-on sessions, allowing participants to not only learn the theory behind designing, manufacturing, and using microfluidic devices, but also to gain some practical experience. Designing a microfluidic chip for specific applications was also a great exercise that helped to consolidate all the knowledge gained during the masterclass. Highly recommended if you are interested in working with microfluidics.

     by Adam Bindas
    Informative and well-organized course

    The intestinal organ on chip masterclass was very well organized with the opportunity to interact with vendors, experienced scientists, and different types of platforms. I would recommend the course for people with all ranges of backgrounds.

     by Ferran Tarrés

    The Masterclass was outstanding in all aspects. All sections (theoretical, practical & comercial) were very well balanced, dynamic and were helpful for everyone in the lab, especially for beginners in the organ-on-a-chip field. It opened a whole new field for us and hence I would definitely recommend it!

     by Linda
    Highly recommended

    Excellent Masterclass! Each section was very well planned, clearly explained, not too long and easy to comprehend, especially for young researcher who got in touch with organ on a chip for the first time. Inspired me on future applications of this technology to my project! Highly recommended

     by Núria Busquets

    Great MasterClass absolutely recommened, it was really interactive and well-planned.

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