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Tag: Efficacy

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    MicroRNA loaded extracellular vesicles affect tumor microenvironment in Tumor on a chip

    An interesting paper from Kim and Rhee groups at Korea Basic Science Institute and Incheon National University co-culturing glioblastoma with microglial cells in a tumor on a chip. They investigated therapeutic effects of microRNAs on tumor progression in brain cancer. The authors loaded microRNA-124 into extracellular vesicles, as a potential therapeutic...

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    Design organ on a chip in a team

    Organ on a chip end-users can contribute to organ on a chip development too! Technical scientists can get help from them since they– know all about cells and tissues,– know about the consumables and equipment used in biology,– can experience the “Ikea effect” once they contribute,– can learn design...

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    Yield in organ on a chip

    This post is about “YIELD” in organ on a chip systems. Before you start collaborating, make sure you communicate well about the experiment yield. Try to discuss:– the yield of the system,– whether this yield changes when you do more experiments, and– whether it changes if somebody else does...

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