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    Matrix composition modulates vasculature formation and intravasation in tumor chip

    This is a common question: what extracellular matrix (ECM) should I use? Specifically, the choice of matrix is very important to mimic the tumor–stromal cells interaction during cancer intravasation. This paper by Agrawal et al. from the Moeendarbary lab at University College London uses a tumor on a chip...

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    Perfusion and control of microbiome in lumen of intestinal organoids

    Intestinal organoids have found application in modeling intestinal function and infection, but is it feasible to replicate gastrointestinal motility and microbiome stability with organoids? One of the limitations is to access their lumens and modify their contents. A challenge that Ginga et al. at the Georgia Institute of Technology...

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    Flow and vascularization of kidney organoids on a chip

    A recent paper by Kim and Chung groups from the Catholic University of Korea culturing vascularized organoids in a kidney on a chip platform and studying the role of shear stress on the formation and nephrotoxicity of the organoids. The authors cultured organoids in a static culture and injected...

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