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    Hepatic cord like structure in a liver on a chip using HepaRG cell line

    A recent paper from Le Pioufle lab at CNRS France modelling the microstructure of the hepatic cord within the liver by confining hepatocytes in tiny hepatic-cord like chambers in a liver on a chip system. These chambers are in contact with another channel containing various media through tiny slits...

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  • 09

    Flow and vascularization of kidney organoids on a chip

    A recent paper by Kim and Chung groups from the Catholic University of Korea culturing vascularized organoids in a kidney on a chip platform and studying the role of shear stress on the formation and nephrotoxicity of the organoids. The authors cultured organoids in a static culture and injected...

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  • 26

    Platelet-tumor interaction in ovarian cancer metastasis

    A recent paper from Jain lab at Texas A&M University that studies the extravasation of platelets into the ovarian tumor microenvironment in a microfluidic chip. The presented tumor-on-a-chip reveals the dynamics of cancer cell-platelet interaction towards more metastatic behavior in cancer cells. Results The authors published a similar technology...

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  • 21

    Immune cell infiltration to synovium in joint on a chip

    A beautiful paper from Moretti/Lopa group integrating cartilage-on-a-chip and synovium-on-a-chip to present a unique joint-on-a-chip model. This model recapitulated monocyte extravasation into the synovium of patients with osteoarthritis. The system was composed of synovial compartment included a perfusable endothelialized channel for monocyte injection, a chondral compartments, and a channel...

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