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    Automated perfused heart-on-a-chip mimicking cardiac micro-tissue maturation and function

    How can organ-on-a-chip improve cardiac microtissue maturation and function? Recapitulating complex myocardial tissue has always been challenging due to its complex biochemical and biophysical characteristics. This is a recent paper from Moreira et al. at the polytechnic university of Milan where the authors study how the perfusion of culture...

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    Multi-organ model of thyroid-liver axis to study endocrine disruption

    A beautiful thyroid-liver axis model of endocrine disruption studying the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-dependent triiodothyronine (T3) secretion in a dynamic multi-organ chip. This is a joint publication between Bayer and TissUse with a beautiful characterization of the 3D liver and thyroid models. ResultsThe authors used different concentrations of TSH to...

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    Liver pancreas crosstalk in organ on a chip to study type 2 Diabetes

    A beautiful paper from Jianhua Qin’s lab from the Chinese Academy of Sciences modelling Liver–pancreatic Islet Axis. They used a multi-organoid organ on a chip system to study glucose regulation in physiological and pathological conditions. After culturing the hiPSCs in “micro-wells” and creating embryonic bodies, the authors differentiated them...

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