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    A database for commercial organ on a chip systems

    Choosing an organ on a chip system can be confusing, but few resources can help make the process easier. One excellent example is the The North American 3Rs Collaborative tech hub which sorts commercial systems by organ types. We highly recommend you visit and get to know available organ...

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  • 06

    AZAR Innovations: a bridge between technology providers and organ on a chip

    AZAR Innovations helps technology providers connect to the right applications in organ on a chip field. We would love to know more about the potentials of your technology and assist you to find the niches that your technology excels at. Consulting at AZAR Innovations Want to discuss how we...

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  • 18

    Reproducible experiments with protocols for organ on a chip

    Reproducibility is one of the serious issues in organ on a chip. Creating clear and reproducible protocols from the start can help address this issue. – Make protocols together with life scientists– While doing this, think whether others can follow– Ask colleagues, especially with other backgrounds, to repeat the...

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  • 11

    Pressure in organ on a chip

    Pressure is a concept in organ on a chip that sounds simple but not trivial in practice. It is handy to know:– Culture medium always flows from higher to lower pressure– Pressure higher than environment can lead to leakage of medium (positive pressure)– Pressure lower than environment can lead...

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  • 21

    Hands-on Organ on a chip Support by AZAR Innovations

    Do you have a technical problem in your #OrganOnAChip system? Why spending weeks and months trying to solve it? Why not getting help from an expert? Or do you want to change the #design of your chip or a part of your system? Or run computational models to understand the flow or concentration...

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  • 20

    Laminar flow in organ-on-a-chip

    Cell culture media flow in organ-on-a-chip systems often in a “laminar” form, but what does laminar mean? It simply means a very smooth flow, all the layers of the fluid move along each other very smoothly. Imagine cars in a traffic moving next to each other on a highway....

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