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    Liver pancreas crosstalk in organ on a chip to study type 2 Diabetes

    A beautiful paper from Jianhua Qin’s lab from the Chinese Academy of Sciences modelling Liver–pancreatic Islet Axis. They used a multi-organoid organ on a chip system to study glucose regulation in physiological and pathological conditions. After culturing the hiPSCs in “micro-wells” and creating embryonic bodies, the authors differentiated them...

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    Drug treatment of breast cancer tumoroids in an automated microfluidic system

    A recent paper from Cromwell et al. in Burow lab in Tulane university modeling multifunctional profile of breast cancer tumoroids to  investigate the effect of relative anti-cancer drugs on tumoroid phenotype and cell metabolism function. Authors initially cultured cells isolated from patients in conventional cell culture dishes and later...

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    3D pancreatic tumor spheroids co-cultured with stromal cells in an organ on a chip

    A recent paper from Jang et al. from Kuh’s lab at the Catholic University of Korea co-culturing pancreatic cancer cells with fibroblasts and macrophages to create a 3D tumor on a chip model. The paper evaluates the culture of the cancer cells with and without the stromal cells and...

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    Hepatic cord like structure in a liver on a chip using HepaRG cell line

    A recent paper from Le Pioufle lab at CNRS France modelling the microstructure of the hepatic cord within the liver by confining hepatocytes in tiny hepatic-cord like chambers in a liver on a chip system. These chambers are in contact with another channel containing various media through tiny slits...

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    Gut kidney axis to study the effect of antibiotics on toxin producing E.coli infection

    A Very beautiful paper from Park (Sungkyunkwan U.) and Sung (Hongik U.) labs integrating intestine on a chip and kidney on a chip in one model to study the effect of two antibiotics on E. coli infection and their consequences on kidney injury. This multi-organ on a chip model...

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    Flow and vascularization of kidney organoids on a chip

    A recent paper by Kim and Chung groups from the Catholic University of Korea culturing vascularized organoids in a kidney on a chip platform and studying the role of shear stress on the formation and nephrotoxicity of the organoids. The authors cultured organoids in a static culture and injected...

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    Adipose-liver on a chip model of NAFLD

    A recently published paper from Hesperos Inc./Hickman lab at University of Central Florida co-culturing human hepatocytes and adipocytes representing white adipose tissue. In this multi-organ on a chip different serum-free media formulations were used to represent different human metabolic states. Results The system made the crosstalk between liver-on-a-chip and...

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    Immune cell infiltration to synovium in joint on a chip

    A beautiful paper from Moretti/Lopa group integrating cartilage-on-a-chip and synovium-on-a-chip to present a unique joint-on-a-chip model. This model recapitulated monocyte extravasation into the synovium of patients with osteoarthritis. The system was composed of synovial compartment included a perfusable endothelialized channel for monocyte injection, a chondral compartments, and a channel...

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