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    Bone Marrow Microenvironment on a chip for culture of functional hematopoietic stem cells

    Can organ on a chip platforms be used to culture and maintain functional hematopoietic stem cells and progenitor cells (HSPC)? This is a recent paper from Sharipol et al. from the University of Rochester, culturing important components of murine bone marrow microenvironment (BMME) in an organ on a chip....

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    Intestine-liver interaction affects hepatocyte function in multi-organ chip

    Everyone can pipette conditioned media of an intestinal cell culture into a hepatocyte model to study intestine–liver interaction. But what if you could use the same cell models and not only to make this process automatic (save money), but also to control the cross-talk (more flexibility)? Enjoy this paper...

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    Drug treatment of breast cancer tumoroids in an automated microfluidic system

    A recent paper from Cromwell et al. in Burow lab in Tulane university modeling multifunctional profile of breast cancer tumoroids to  investigate the effect of relative anti-cancer drugs on tumoroid phenotype and cell metabolism function. Authors initially cultured cells isolated from patients in conventional cell culture dishes and later...

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    Oxygen monitoring in a liver on a chip to study effect of drugs and nutrients

    A nice collaborative paper from Stelzle, Gebhardt and Mayr labs in U. of Tübingen, Leipzig University and TU Graz monitoring oxygen and liver tissue metabolism in a well-plate format organ on a chip system. They used oxygen patches and optical fibers to monitor oxygen levels in the medium around...

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    Hepatic cord like structure in a liver on a chip using HepaRG cell line

    A recent paper from Le Pioufle lab at CNRS France modelling the microstructure of the hepatic cord within the liver by confining hepatocytes in tiny hepatic-cord like chambers in a liver on a chip system. These chambers are in contact with another channel containing various media through tiny slits...

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    Gut kidney axis to study the effect of antibiotics on toxin producing E.coli infection

    A Very beautiful paper from Park (Sungkyunkwan U.) and Sung (Hongik U.) labs integrating intestine on a chip and kidney on a chip in one model to study the effect of two antibiotics on E. coli infection and their consequences on kidney injury. This multi-organ on a chip model...

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    Flow and vascularization of kidney organoids on a chip

    A recent paper by Kim and Chung groups from the Catholic University of Korea culturing vascularized organoids in a kidney on a chip platform and studying the role of shear stress on the formation and nephrotoxicity of the organoids. The authors cultured organoids in a static culture and injected...

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    Platelet-tumor interaction in ovarian cancer metastasis

    A recent paper from Jain lab at Texas A&M University that studies the extravasation of platelets into the ovarian tumor microenvironment in a microfluidic chip. The presented tumor-on-a-chip reveals the dynamics of cancer cell-platelet interaction towards more metastatic behavior in cancer cells. Results The authors published a similar technology...

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    Glomerulus on a chip from iPSC-derived cells: A validation study

    This recently published paper from Musah lab at Duke university is a beautiful validation of using kidney on a chip to model glomerular filtration. This tissue chip was lined by epithelial and endothelial cells to mimic the blood filtration barrier and selective molecular filtration function of the kidney. Using...

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    Adipose-liver on a chip model of NAFLD

    A recently published paper from Hesperos Inc./Hickman lab at University of Central Florida co-culturing human hepatocytes and adipocytes representing white adipose tissue. In this multi-organ on a chip different serum-free media formulations were used to represent different human metabolic states. Results The system made the crosstalk between liver-on-a-chip and...

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