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    Immune checkpoint inhibitors and their effects on lymphocytes and cancer cells in organ on a chip

    How can you use a tumor on a chip platform to study the effect of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) on lymphocytes and cancer cells? This is a recent paper from Sieviläinen et al. at the university of Helsinki that uses an organ on a chip, lymphocytes and head and...

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  • 09

    Multi-organ model of thyroid-liver axis to study endocrine disruption

    A beautiful thyroid-liver axis model of endocrine disruption studying the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-dependent triiodothyronine (T3) secretion in a dynamic multi-organ chip. This is a joint publication between Bayer and TissUse with a beautiful characterization of the 3D liver and thyroid models. ResultsThe authors used different concentrations of TSH to...

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    Intestine-liver interaction affects hepatocyte function in multi-organ chip

    Everyone can pipette conditioned media of an intestinal cell culture into a hepatocyte model to study intestine–liver interaction. But what if you could use the same cell models and not only to make this process automatic (save money), but also to control the cross-talk (more flexibility)? Enjoy this paper...

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    Drug treatment of breast cancer tumoroids in an automated microfluidic system

    A recent paper from Cromwell et al. in Burow lab in Tulane university modeling multifunctional profile of breast cancer tumoroids to  investigate the effect of relative anti-cancer drugs on tumoroid phenotype and cell metabolism function. Authors initially cultured cells isolated from patients in conventional cell culture dishes and later...

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    Chondro-synovial cross-talk in Rheumatoid Arthritis modelling organ on a chip

    A beautiful paper from Ertl group at Vienna University of Technology co-culturing synovial and chondral organoids in a joint on a chip to study Rheumatoid Arthritis. They used a compartmentalized chip to establish a cross-talk between Matrigel embedded synovial organoids and chondral organoids embedded in a fibrin gel. It...

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    Adipose-liver on a chip model of NAFLD

    A recently published paper from Hesperos Inc./Hickman lab at University of Central Florida co-culturing human hepatocytes and adipocytes representing white adipose tissue. In this multi-organ on a chip different serum-free media formulations were used to represent different human metabolic states. Results The system made the crosstalk between liver-on-a-chip and...

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