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    Matrix composition modulates vasculature formation and intravasation in tumor chip

    This is a common question: what extracellular matrix (ECM) should I use? Specifically, the choice of matrix is very important to mimic the tumor–stromal cells interaction during cancer intravasation. This paper by Agrawal et al. from the Moeendarbary lab at University College London uses a tumor on a chip...

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    Multi-organ model of thyroid-liver axis to study endocrine disruption

    A beautiful thyroid-liver axis model of endocrine disruption studying the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-dependent triiodothyronine (T3) secretion in a dynamic multi-organ chip. This is a joint publication between Bayer and TissUse with a beautiful characterization of the 3D liver and thyroid models. ResultsThe authors used different concentrations of TSH to...

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    MicroRNA loaded extracellular vesicles affect tumor microenvironment in Tumor on a chip

    An interesting paper from Kim and Rhee groups at Korea Basic Science Institute and Incheon National University co-culturing glioblastoma with microglial cells in a tumor on a chip. They investigated therapeutic effects of microRNAs on tumor progression in brain cancer. The authors loaded microRNA-124 into extracellular vesicles, as a potential therapeutic...

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    3D pancreatic tumor spheroids co-cultured with stromal cells in an organ on a chip

    A recent paper from Jang et al. from Kuh’s lab at the Catholic University of Korea co-culturing pancreatic cancer cells with fibroblasts and macrophages to create a 3D tumor on a chip model. The paper evaluates the culture of the cancer cells with and without the stromal cells and...

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    Platelet-tumor interaction in ovarian cancer metastasis

    A recent paper from Jain lab at Texas A&M University that studies the extravasation of platelets into the ovarian tumor microenvironment in a microfluidic chip. The presented tumor-on-a-chip reveals the dynamics of cancer cell-platelet interaction towards more metastatic behavior in cancer cells. Results The authors published a similar technology...

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