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    MicroRNA loaded extracellular vesicles affect tumor microenvironment in Tumor on a chip

    An interesting paper from Kim and Rhee groups at Korea Basic Science Institute and Incheon National University co-culturing glioblastoma with microglial cells in a tumor on a chip. They investigated therapeutic effects of microRNAs on tumor progression in brain cancer. The authors loaded microRNA-124 into extracellular vesicles, as a potential therapeutic...

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    3D pancreatic tumor spheroids co-cultured with stromal cells in an organ on a chip

    A recent paper from Jang et al. from Kuh’s lab at the Catholic University of Korea co-culturing pancreatic cancer cells with fibroblasts and macrophages to create a 3D tumor on a chip model. The paper evaluates the culture of the cancer cells with and without the stromal cells and...

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    Platelet-tumor interaction in ovarian cancer metastasis

    A recent paper from Jain lab at Texas A&M University that studies the extravasation of platelets into the ovarian tumor microenvironment in a microfluidic chip. The presented tumor-on-a-chip reveals the dynamics of cancer cell-platelet interaction towards more metastatic behavior in cancer cells. Results The authors published a similar technology...

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