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    Intestine-liver interaction affects hepatocyte function in multi-organ chip

    Everyone can pipette conditioned media of an intestinal cell culture into a hepatocyte model to study intestine–liver interaction. But what if you could use the same cell models and not only to make this process automatic (save money), but also to control the cross-talk (more flexibility)? Enjoy this paper...

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    Aerobic-anaerobic interface in a colon chip to study host microbe interaction

    Not many systems can mimic the Aerobic-Anaerobic interface of the large intestine. A not-so-old paper from the Wyss institute creates a hypoxic gradient across their intestine-on-a-chip. In this study, the chip comprised epithelial cells on top of a porous membrane and bacteria cultured above the epithelium under a hypoxia...

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    High throughput Organ on a chip plate

    A new paper from DRAPER, not a lot of manuscripts get accepted only after 2 months like this one! This organ on a chip platform may be less known, but definitely has features that catch eyes: Positive points+ A higher throughput platform with 96 chips in one plate+ Double...

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