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Technical problems in the lab suck! It might be that there is a simple solution but you don’t have a technical person around to get help from. Why should we solve everything ourselves? Is the time we spend on a problem out of our expertise worth it? Why don’t we ask an expert teach us how to solve the problem?

It is way more efficient to ask for an expert opinion when a non-technical person runs into a technical problem. Whether it is about making chips, or solving a problem in an organ on a chip system or even setting up such a system, we are here to help you. We know where to look at, what to change and how to do it!

Need assistance to modify the design of your system or chip, or need to know to calculate the properties of the flow in your organon a chip system? Do you want to include technical data in your article? We are here to show you how to do it, we can do it together. Let’s just schedule an online coffee!

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Organ on a chip MasterClass!

Want to start or get to know more about Organs on chips. Join our MasterClasses with lectures and hands-on training.

Looking for a hands-on expert to solve your technical problems?