AZAR Innovations: a bridge between technology providers and organ on a chip

AZAR Innovations helps technology providers connect to the right applications in organ on a chip field. We would love to know more about the potentials of your technology and assist you to find the niches that your technology excels at. Consulting at AZAR Innovations

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Hossein Eslami Amirabadi is the founder of AZAR Innovations, a company named after his mother, Azar Hadisadegh, who sadly passed away in November 2


The idea of the company originates from what Azar was passionate about: caring about others. She devoted her life to the well-being of the people around her and never stopped helping them.

AZAR Innovations continues her path. In AZAR Innovations, we follow a problem-driven approach: Biology Driven Engineering. We pay attention to the ideas and problems in the life science domain and try to engineer solutions towards the needs of end users.

The key is not to have a fixed technology, we have a fairly large database of various technologies. Not only do we contribute to the science, but also find the best partners to develop the best organ on a chip solutions.