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General Terms and Conditions – Commercial demos

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    Organ on a chip MasterClass by AZAR Innovations – Participation of companies

    AZAR Innovations is a service company that enables biological and medical institutes with development of, adoption of and training with Organ on a chip systems. This document lists the general terms and conditions for organising Organ on a chip MasterClasses at the aforementioned institutes.


      • Organ on a chip MasterClass or MasterClass is a training event consisting of lectures and trainings where trainee participants learn about the most recent developments in the field of organ on a chip.
      • Host institute is the party that, in any capacity, co-organises the MasterClass at their location together with AZAR Innovation, possibly as part of their education and training program or solely as an  MasterClass.
      • Company is the party that gives a demo of their products during the MasterClass.
      • Trainee participants are the individuals who register for the MasterClass and receive the training.
      • Host institute organizers are the individuals from the host institute who help organise the MasterClass.
      • AZAR Innovations organizers are the individuals from AZAR Innovations who help organise the MasterClass at the location of the host institute.
      • Company members are the individuals from the company who will give a demo during the  MasterClass. AZAR Innovations will inform the Host institute of the name of the company members before the Organ on a chip MasterClass.

    These terms and conditions apply to any agreement between AZAR Innovations and Company.

      1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

          1.1. The Company and AZAR Innovations will agree to these terms and conditions to hold the MasterClass at the location of the Host institute.
          1.2. An agreement with regards to participation of Company in the MasterClass comes about after the payment by Company to AZAR Innovations.

        1. Organisation

            2.1. The Organ on a chip MasterClass is a 2-day event specifically designed for organ on a chip end-users who have no or limited experience with these systems.
            2.2. The MasterClass starts and finishes according to the agenda, which is shared with participants, including Company. It is the responsibility of Company to share the agenda with Company members.
            2.3. The commercial part of the MasterClass is on the second day of the MasterClass, this means that Company members can be present only on the second day of the MasterClass.
            2.4. The second day consists of commercial lab sessions in a laboratory, lunch, expert lectures, and Trainee participants’ training in a lecture room.
            2.5. Company will provide AZAR Innovations with the list of maximum 3 Company members to be present at the MasterClass no later than 30 days before the start of the MasterClass. Company members must provide valid identification to AZAR Innovations and Host institute upon arrival at Host institute, prior to start of the MasterClass on the second day.
            2.6. AZAR Innovations may invite the Company to participate in an online webinar before the MasterClass to increase the exposure of the Company. Company will be notified latest 14 days in advance of the webinar.
            2.7. Company will give a demo of their products to Trainee participants in a lab session of at least 2 hours and 40 minutes. This lab session is divided into intervals of 40 minutes, and in each interval 4-5 Trainee participants will receive a demo from Company. The Company can have 2 Company members present during the lab sessions.
            2.8. The Company should provide a list of reasonable requirements, including but not limited to consumables, materials, and equipment, for the lab sessions no later than 2 weeks after completion of their registration and 30 days before the day of the event. AZAR Innovations will forward this list to the Host institute in preparation of the event. If providing any of the items on the list is not feasible, the Company will be asked by AZAR Innovations to bring the item(s) with them to the MasterClass no later than 14 days before the day of the MasterClass.
            2.9. The COVID measures of the Host institute apply during the whole MasterClass. It is the responsibility of Company members to take appropriate actions to adhere to these COVID measures. AZAR Innovations’ advice is to at least have two facemasks available for individuals’ personal use during the course IF it is required by the host at any moment during the event.
            2.10. If any individual, including but not limited to Company members, have COVID symptoms, they should declare and not attend the event.If requested, an online link will be sent to the Company to follow the online presentation of the expert views.
            2.11. Company can send their physical or digital banners and promotional materials to the MasterClass. These material must be delivered to Host institute no later than 3 working days before the start of the MasterClass. AZAR Innovations will install and/or distribute them in the lecture room on both days.
            2.12. No dangerous chemicals or living cells will be used in the lab sessions. Coloured liquids and micro-particles can be used.AZAR Innovations and Host institute will try their best to organize a safe MasterClass. However, Company is responsible for safety of Company members or the properties of Company during interaction with Trainee participants in the MasterClass.
            2.13. Lunch and coffee/tea will be provided during the MasterClass.

          1. Registrations

              3.1. The MasterClass is held subject to sufficient registrations (refer to article 5.4).
              3.2. Due to the limited space, registration in the MasterClass by Companies will be based on first come first serve.
              3.3. AZAR Innovations reserves the right to change the location when necessary.
              3.4. registration, the Company will receive an (electronic) confirmation by a confirmation email.

            1. Cancellation by the company

              4.1. Unsubscribing must be done via e-mail.
              4.2. In case of cancellation up to 30 days until the day of the event, 50% of the registration fee will be deducted.
              4.3. In case of cancellation within 30 days until the day of the event, full registration fee will be charged.

            2. Cancellation/relocation by AZAR Innovations

                5.1. AZAR Innovations reserves the right to cancel the MasterClass if there are insufficient participants. If it does not take place or is postponed, the company will receive notice at the latest 30 days before the date of the MasterClass.
                5.2. AZAR Innovations is entitled to change the date of the MasterClass no later than 30 days before the starting date. The company is informed by e-mail and has the opportunity to move/cancel the registration for the MasterClass free of charge.
                5.3. AZAR Innovations is entitled in case of illness of the organiser to replace them with another person or to cancel the MasterClass. In the event of cancellation, the registration will be moved without charge to another date, or cancelled and any fees paid will be refunded.
                5.4. The MasterClass only takes place if there are at least 12 Trainee participants. In the case of fewer participants, AZAR Innovations and Host institute will inform Company at the latest 30 days before the date of the MasterClass, and Company has the right to cancel registration free of charge.

              1. Payment

                  6.1. AZAR Innovations always reserves the right to change the MasterClass in terms of content and/or to change prices in the future events.
                  6.2. The company must pay the full registration fee upon registration by one of the payment methods. The Company registration is completed only after receipt of the payment. The due date for payment is indicated in the invoice. If payment is not received by AZAR Innovations before the due date, AZAR Innovations reserves the right to reject the registration and/or replace Company with another party.
                  6.3. In the event of non-compliance with the agreed partial instalments, this agreement will result in partial payments without any notification and Company can no longer claim it. If then the entire claim is due and payable.

                1. Complaints

                    7.1. If any of the participants, including Company and Company members, has a complaint about the MasterClass, they can contact AZAR Innovations and AZAR Innovations will do its best to try to solve the problem.
                    7.2. The submission of a complaint does not release the company from the payment obligation.

                  1. Liability

                      8.1. AZAR Innovations accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to the property of Company, nor any liability as a result of events during the MasterClass.
                      8.2. During the MasterClass, there is a chance the company members will work with materials that can stain on clothing or items. AZAR Innovations is not liable for contaminated or damaged properties and will not compensate any damage.

                    1. Secrecy

                        9.1. All the materials and additional documentation in the MasterClass, except brochures of the Companies, are protected by copyright and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise reproduced, published, and/or redistributed. Making image recordings of (part of) the MasterClass is not permitted.
                        9.2. Company members undertake to observe secrecy towards third parties of all information they receive from Trainee participants or other Company members during the meeting and of which the Company members must understand the confidential nature.

                      1. Other

                          10.1. Parking costs and/or costs of public transport, if applicable, are at the expense of the company.
                          10.2. Accessibility of the location is determined by the Host institute. It is the responsibility of each participant, including Company and Company members, to research available options and communicate with the Host institute or AZAR Innovations if required.
                          10.3. All participants, including Company members, must always adhere to the social code of conduct of AZAR Innovations and Host institute. In the event of misconduct, Host institute and AZAR Innovations have the right to remove the participant or the Company from the event, refuse access to subsequent MasterClasses, and take further legal actions.
                          10.4. AZAR Innovations reserves the right to remove and stop activities of any participant, including Company and Company members, and refuse access to subsequent MasterClasses at any moment if it deems necessary. Reasons for such a decision include but are not limited to causing any hindrance during the MasterClass.
                          10.5. In the event of removal of any participant, including Company and Company members, from the MasterClass, no reimbursement will take place.
                          10.6. During the MasterClass, AZAR Innovations make recordings for promotional and marketing purposes. By participating in the MasterClass, participants, including Company and Company members, consent to these recordings.

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