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    Gut kidney axis to study the effect of antibiotics on toxin producing E.coli infection

    A Very beautiful paper from Park (Sungkyunkwan U.) and Sung (Hongik U.) labs integrating intestine on a chip and kidney on a chip in one model to study the effect of two antibiotics on E. coli infection and their consequences on kidney injury. This multi-organ on a chip model...

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  • 09

    Flow and vascularization of kidney organoids on a chip

    A recent paper by Kim and Chung groups from the Catholic University of Korea culturing vascularized organoids in a kidney on a chip platform and studying the role of shear stress on the formation and nephrotoxicity of the organoids. The authors cultured organoids in a static culture and injected...

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    Glomerulus on a chip from iPSC-derived cells: A validation study

    This recently published paper from Musah lab at Duke university is a beautiful validation of using kidney on a chip to model glomerular filtration. This tissue chip was lined by epithelial and endothelial cells to mimic the blood filtration barrier and selective molecular filtration function of the kidney. Using...

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    High throughput Organ on a chip plate

    A new paper from DRAPER, not a lot of manuscripts get accepted only after 2 months like this one! This organ on a chip platform may be less known, but definitely has features that catch eyes: Positive points+ A higher throughput platform with 96 chips in one plate+ Double...

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