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    AZAR Innovations is 1 year old!

    WE ARE PROUD of what we added to the world:
    – First organ on a chip Masterclass, a start to train the next generation of organ on a chip end-users:  https://azar-innovations.com/organ-on-a-chip-masterclass-lectures-and-hands-on-lab-trainings/
    – Contributed to several organ on a chip projects, from #BoneRegeneration to #KidneyVascularization, more in the pipeline:  https://azar-innovations.com/projects-in-azar-innovations/
    – Became part of the Microphysiological Systems leadership team at the @The North American 3Rs Collaborative to help disseminate non-animal methods.
    And more!!
    We are determined to enable biologists and organ on a chip end-users to make breakthroughs together.
    Contact us to know more about our activities.

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    AZAR Innovations is a member of MPS leadership team at the North American 3Rs Collaborative!


    We’re proud to be part of the The North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC) Microphysiological Systems (MPS) initiative. The MPS initiative works together to increase industry adoption and regulatory acceptance of MPS technologies with the ultimate goal of refining, reducing, and replacing research animals. Learn more about our efforts in this group on the NA3RsC website: https://www.na3rsc.org/

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    AZAR Innovations is official now!


    We are here to connect people from different disciplines to develop novel organ on a chip technologies.

    No single technology, our approach is biology driven engineering. We help you develop your idea for a biological problem to an organ on a chip system. Curious? Then let’s have an online coffee: [email protected].

    AZAR Innovations, organ on a chip consulting

    In a series of scientific posts, we will try to increase the awareness in the life science and technology domains about the organ on a chip field. We hope that these posts can help people in different disciplines communicate better with each other. So, STAY TUNED!